Information Technology

Copas text dari PC ke Emulator

Dari kemarin mainan emulator, tapi tetep saja bingung kalau mau copy paste alamat web / kalimat buat di-paste di emulator.

usut punya usut..ternyata caranya mudah..simple lagi.
(diadaptasi dari

sengaja langsung dipaste pake bahasa inggris..terjemahin sendiri ya.. 🙂

ini ngetiknya juga dari emulator.. bukan dari pc.. 😛

Usually I send the text who I want to copy as an sms message through telnet and then copy the text from the sms message. Here’s how:

Connect through telnet:

•Syntax: telnet localhost <port>
•Example: telnet localhost 5554
(5554 is the default port. The title bar of the emulator shows the port that is being used, so you can see if it’s different).

Send message:

•Syntax: sms send <senders phone number> <message>
•Example: sms send 1231231234 This is the message you want to send
(You can just make up the senders phone number)

This works really well for links as the message is automatically converted into a hyperlink which you can click without having to copy / paste it into the browser.

Once the emulator receives the message you can copy it and paste it wherever you like.


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